Long Beach native, DJ Shawn Dub seeks and creates a futuristic sound converging soulful sound waves and world rhythms.  Beginning in hip-hop, Dub spins sounds from the soul, music he grew up on with family; songs that make him feel home. Mixing soulful hip-hop, house, and break, soul music, Afro beat, funk, and futuristic funk, Dub offers up a progressive sound with just the slightest dash of industry club.  


Since 2003, Dub has brought his laidback Long Beach rawness to Colorado/Los Angeles Hip-Hop group Deux Process, Their debut album, “In Deux Time” hit stores in January 2006, with a much-anticipated second album in process.  


Recently relocated from Los Angeles to San Francisco, Shawn Dub has quickly become a noticeable presence on the Bay Are scene, spinning at venues such as The Independent, Levende, Club Six, Poleng Lounge, Otis, and Nickies. Check him out at the Private Eyes happy hour with Damon Bell, Thursdays 6-10pm at Otis,


Look out for new Shawn Dub projects coming out in 2008. 

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